The Gift

Written by Nicola Baldwin / Produced by Theatre of Debate


1998 – 16 year old Annie Kay is destined to be a great football player when she is struck down by a long term terminal genetic illness. Her 14 year old brother Ryan Kay fights for the right to be tested for the illness. 2028 – 16 year old Mark Kay a fast rising tennis star discovers that he was ‘selected’ at conception by his father Ryan Kay, a commercial geneticist.

The Gift by Nicola Baldwin tells the story of two generations of the Kay family’s struggle and eventual victory over an inherited terminal genetic disease.

Developed in partnership with Professor Bernadette Modell and the Genetic Interest Group Supported by the Wellcome Trust and Central YMCA.


Focus: Inheritance, genetic disorders, genetic testing and screening, pre implantation genetic diagnosis, genetic selection

Audience: Young people (14 plus) and adults

Length: 37 minutes

Full Film: Available through Theatre of Debate, with subtitles by Stagetext

Resources: Available for teachers and students, science communicators and health workers