Every Breath

Written by Judith Johnson / Produced by Theatre of Debate


Sonny, 18, is a vegetarian who has always been concerned about the environment and animal rights. His sister Anita, 21, is a carnivorous scientist completely convinced that using animals in medical research is justified. As a gripping family drama unfolds, Sonny’s future plans, and his principles, are put to the test, when his health takes a turn for the worse…

Set against an instantly recognisable background of family life and pressures, Judith Johnson’s play takes a difficult subject and looks at both sides of the argument. The result is a thought-provoking, even-handed debate on one of the most divisive of contemporary issues.


Focus: Ethical issues arising from the use of animals in medical research.

Audience: Young people (14 plus) and adults

Length: 39 minutes

Full Film: Available through Theatre of Debate, with subtitles by Stagetext

Resources: Available for teachers and students, science communicators and health workers