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Generator Workshops

Every Theatre of Debate projects begin with an exploratory workshop involving experts, playwrights and other artists, and members of the target audience. Thus, begins a conversation about the area of research, stimulating the playwrights to tackle the subject.

Subsequently the experts form a project advisory group that supports the project throughout its life, feeding back on the development of the script, attending rehearsals, briefing the actors in relation to the underlying science and ethical issues, feeding back at preview performances and participating in debates at selected live performances.

Experts who have collaborated with us include Professors, Lewis Wolpert, Susan Jebb, Steven Rose, Angela McFarlane, Steven Minger, Robin Lovell Badge, Simon Wessley, Bernadette Modell, Sue Pavitt and Colin Blakemore to name a few.

Theatre of Debate
Live Premium Model

A live performance of a specially commissioned play (length 60 minutes) by an experienced playwright, performed by up to four actors , followed by a facilitated debate featuring the actors in character, plus resources created from the Generator workshop. Electronic voting is used before each performance and during the debate that follows the performance, providing a snapshot of what our audience understands, feels and thinks about the subject. At the end of the tour the production is filmed and a support pack created to ensure that the project has a legacy.

We have produced 60 plus regional, national and international tours of plays by professional playwrights reaching an estimated one million young people in schools, youth clubs, community venues, studio theatres, prisons and young offenders centres.

We offer

  • UK tours of up to 10 weeks ( up to 50 performances reaching up to 15000 students) and shorter tours, up to 3 weeks (up to 30 performances reaching up to 4500 students).
  • City and regional tours, up to 3 weeks (up to 30 performances reaching up to 4500 students).

Important: A tour can either be a new commission or a revival of an existing production.

Theatre of Debate
Digital Debate on Demand

Theatre of Debate is piloting a new service. In addition to touring live performances of our productions, we have developed eight Digital On Demand Debate packages, which offer you and your team, the opportunity to:

  • screen a film of a live performance
  • facilitate the debate yourself

For an audience of your choice.

Important: The preparatory notes, the play, the debate and resources have all been created in consultation with researchers, scientists and other appropriate experts.

Each Digital Debate offers you

Pre Screening

  • Essential information about the area of research that the TOD production explores.
  • A set of pre screening questions (PowerPoint) to capture what your audience know and feel about the subject matter before watching the film.


  • A film of the live drama (60 minutes)
  • Film Trailer (2 minutes)
  • Clips from the film to stimulate debate

After Screening

  • The Debate – A set of questions/statements – including some repeats of the pre screening questions so that you can assess what your audience have learnt and whether or not their attitudes have changed.
  • A PDF of the dialogue from the film clips.

All our work is underpinned by rigorous information gathering, consultation and collaboration with a wide range of relevant experts who enable the creation of plays, associated debates and educational resources.