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Theatre of Debate is the successor of Y Touring, a theatre company that began in 1989, exploring social and ethical dilemmas through its unique format. After 25 years, Theatre of Debate became an independent organisation in 2014 (UK registered charity number 1164944). Its model has brought together more than 60 scientists and 200 theatre professionals, in collaborations creating performance-led science engagement projects.Theatre of Debate is now building on the legacy of Y Touring, continuing to tour nationally with new writing exploring scientific issues. Through live performance and digital technology, Theatre of Debate engages its audiences in an informed debate around the outcomes of the latest scientific research.

This autumn sees the launch of several new Theatre of Debate products targeting schools and adult audiences - including micro drama’s live and on film, films of lived performances, podcast versions of our current and past catalogue productions.

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'Things I couldn’t tell you' by Nicola Baldwin

This new microdrama was commissioned by and developed in collaboration with the Wellcome Sanger Institute. While broadly inspired by the ongoing ABC versus St Georges legal case, the first case in English law to deal with a relative’s claim over issues of genetic responsibility, the characters and the dialogue have been fictionalised by playwright Nicola Baldwin.The films take the form of five monologues, each one representing the voice of the different parties involved; the family, the clinician and the legal professional, revealing their varying perspectives over a period of eighteen years.

'Things I couldn't tell you' is available as five short filmed character monologues.

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'From the Dentist’s Chair' by Jonathan Hall

Our second new micro drama ‘From the dentist’s chair’ by Jonathan Hall consists of five episodes, each one featuring a different character. Set in West Yorkshire, the action revolves round a dentist’s surgery just before Christmas and directly after the new year. One of the characters has died as a result of the misuse of antibiotics. The play explores the different ways in which the misuse of antibiotics can lead to an unfortunate end. This Theatre of Debate project was developed in partnership with Leeds University School of Dentistry for Dr Wendy Thompson and Prof Sue Pavitt.

'From the Dentist's chair'
is available as five short filmed monologues or as a podcast.

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The film 'Don't Smile' - a love story with a dental theme will be available on this site, this autumn.

  •  Scene from 'Don't Smile'

    Scene from 'Don't Smile'

  •  Scene from 'Don't Smile'

    Scene from 'Don't Smile'

  •  Scene from 'Don't Smile'

    Scene from 'Don't Smile'

'Don't Smile' by Judith Johnson - available Autumn 2019

'Don't Smile '- a love story with a dental theme was developed in partnership with Leeds university School of Dentistry and Leeds University School of Performance and Cultural industries . The short play (30 minutes) performed by students from Leeds University School of Performance and Cultural studies has now been filmed. It will be available this autumn as a film with resources, free for schools.

Health Need:
In Yorkshire, 45% of 12-year-olds have rotten teeth resulting in pain, lost schooling and, low self esteem; it is correlated with social/health inequality. Whilst largely preventable, reaching those most vulnerable in deprived areas is challenging. Disadvantaged teenagers intrinsically don't like being told what to do.

'Don't Smile' was inspired to test if using Theatre might impart non-judgmentally, allow debated improve oral health awareness in at risk adolescents.

Award winner:
The National Co ordinating Centre for Public Engagement awarded Don't Smile' (a partnership between Theatre of Debate, Leeds University and Batley Girls School) the Engage Competition 2016 - Celebrating Excellence award for Engaging with Young People.

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'Mrs X ' by Nicola Baldwin - available November 2019

We produced a rehearsed reading of Nicola Baldwin's short play 'Mrs X' for the Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019. 'Mrs X' was commissioned and produced by Theatre of Debate for Imperial College, we will be offering another rehearsed reading as a Imperial Late event on Tuesday November 12th. 'Mrs X' tells the story of Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin and its impact on our lives, then and now. The play has a strong focus on antibacterial resistance which Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies recently announced 'could kill humanity before climate change'.

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Watch the trailers for our Theatre of Debate live films. Every Breath, Mind the Gap, Stunted Trees and Broken Bridges, Dayglo, People are Messy, People Like Us, Don’t Smile, Hungry and The Gift are all now available on film. Find and out more and watch.

  •  Scene from 'People like Us'

    Scene from 'People like Us'

  •  Scene from People are Messy

    Scene from People are Messy

  •  Mind the Gap

    Mind the Gap

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