Scene from Starfish


This short film captures responses from scientists , academics and audiences to our live performances
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Medical science and associated issues related to human health are developing at an unprecedented pace. Such developments concern us all, and yet the ways in which young people can engage in, explore and understand these subjects are extremely limited.

Theatre provides an accessible way into complex scientific issues through story telling. By providing a structure that everyone can relate to - human relationships - challenging and complex issues become understandable and interesting. The human health issues addressed by Theatre of Debate are universal, ethical questions, and are key subjects on the GCSE Science curriculum. Evaluation of Theatre of Debate programmes demonstrates enhanced understanding and performance in this area by participating students, as well as developments in critical thinking and citizenship studies.

In development

We are currently developing several new live Theatre of Debate projects including

Cissy - Transgender
Typify - Diabetes
Untitled - Artifical intelligence and machine learning
Untitled - County Lines

Expect live performances of these projects in 2020, in the meantime we are developing content for this page which will be a record of all our productions a to date.

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Productions to date

The Inner Circle by Patricia Loughrey
Breathless by Andrew Alty
Connected by Judith Johnson
Memory Box by Pete Johnson
The Gift by Nicola Baldwin
Cracked by Nicola Baldwin
Pig in the Middle by Judy Upton
My Friend Willy by Robert Rigby
Sweet As You Are by Jonathan Hall
Juggling Chainsaws by Jonathan Hall
Playing God by Rhiannon Tise
Wicked Problems by Nicola Baldwin
Cell Mates by Sara Clifford
The Diagnosis by Steve Waters
Learning to Love the Grey by Jonathan Hall
Making Astronauts by Jonathan Hall
Coffee Lovers Guide to America by Jonathan Hall
Mr Elliot by Jonathan Hall
Scenes From the Fair by Jonathan Hall
Born of Glass by Rhiannon Tise
Leap of Faith by Nicola Baldwin
Genes R Us by Rahila Gupta
Dear DD by Judith Johnson
Double the Trouble by Judith Johnson
Wasted by Rhiannon Tise
Where’s Your Head At? by Rhiannon Tise
Photograph 51 by Rhiannon Tise
Headstone by Rhiannon Tise
The Silencer by Rhiannon Tise
Mind the Gap by Abi Bown
Bloods by Nicola Baldwin
Every Breath by Judith Johnson
Nobody Lives Forever by Judith Johnson
Starfish by Judith Johnson
Full Time by Rachel Wagstaff
The Projectionist by Laura Fitzgerald
Beautiful by Rachel Wagstaff
Breathing Country by Ben Musgrave
Dayglo by Abi Bown
Stunted Trees and Broken Bridges by Ben Musgrave
Hungry by Sarah Daniels
People are Messy by Judith Johnson
People Like Us by Judith Johnson
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