Cast for People are Messy by Judith Johnson

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Matt Butcher Actor
Jake (Ross Anthony-McCormack)

18 years old and in his final year studying A levels. Intelligent, driven, political, a charismatic born leader and, some might say, a touch on the arrogant side, Jake would be Head Boy at his school if he hadn’t argued with almost every teacher who ever taught him.

VIK (Louis Chandler Joseph)

Also 18, VIK is charming, cheeky, cool, extremely dyslexic, and in the final year of his BTECH in Electrical Engineering. He gets on well with everyone, is very down to earth, and occasionally given to philosophical pronouncements related to electronics (eg ‘If the circuit don’t join up, then the system won’t work, you know what I’m saying?’)

Jen (Jessica Revell)

15, Adam’s daughter. Jen is a composed, shrewd individual with a wry sense of humour. She is in year 11, studying GCSEs. Her mother died not long after she was born from aplastic anaemia brought on by pregnancy. This is why Adam has chosen Haematology as his speciality.

Adam (Matt Butcher)

A mid-thirties Academic Clinical Lecturer in Haematology, Adam is doing research which relates to aplastic anaemia. He is, in a sense, the grown up version of Jake. Adam is very well respected in his field but has a reputation for being somewhat formidable.

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