'People are Messy' by Judith Johnson - Synopsis

In this clip from ''People are Messy' Jake (Ross Anthony-McCormack) reveals his feelings about living with his illness

‘People are Messy’ tells the story of 18-year-old Jake,(played by (Ross Anthony-McCormack) a spiky, opinionated A level student, and Vik ( played by Louis Chandler Jordan) also 18, a laid-back, cheerful apprentice electrician. Both have a rare blood disease, aplastic anaemia. Their consultant, Adam Callahan (played by Matt Butcher), is bright, self-assured, driven, but his research has been turned down for funding because he didn’t sufficiently demonstrate the involvement of patients and the public in his plans, a prerequisite of Department of Health funding for medical research.

Adam then recruits his long term patient Vik to be an adviser, knowing Vik will be an easy-going ally, but when Vik then recruits combative Jake, Adam finds himself challenged. The two inevitably clash, with an exasperated Vik caught in the middle. Meanwhile, Adam’s 15-year-old daughter Jen is writing a song to perform at her school end of term concert.

The song is dedicated to her mum, who died when Jen was just a few days old. Jen (played by Jessica Revell) is going through a difficult time as her gran (played by Anita Harris), who has helped bring her up alongside Adam, is on a round the world trip. Adam, always working or in the lab, is not at home as often as Jen would wish and the quirky vlogs she receives from gran are not enough to give her the support she needs. Things come to a head when Adam is called away from the end of term concert just as Jen is about to perform her song.

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