Cast for Dayglo by Abi Bown

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Karl Queensborough

Noel 19, serves at The Chicken Shack, a fast food joint on the site of ‘Backtrax’, Evelyn’s old record shop haunt.

Juliet York

Stella 17, Evelyn’s daughter raised by the artistic community, her grandmother and herself. She has moved back in with Evelyn to support her.

Rebecca Crankshaw

Evelyn 48, self declared punk priestess with a rich and chaotic life lived on the fringes of the establishment. Now diagnosed with breast cancer.

Glynn Morgan

Brian 32, Oncology nurse, gay. Brian fell in love with Evelyn’s music when he was 18 and clubbing it. Brian was the only staff member to recognise Evelyn on the cancer ward 6th months ago and they became close friends.

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