'Don't Smile'

The COHESION Pilot offers an exciting new way of working to build innovative theatre and pioneer new partnerships. It brings patients, dentists, scientists, dental students, performance art students and theatre practitioners from Theatre of Debate working in ‘an artist in residence-style’ approach together to develop an inspired piece of theatre that is a vehicle to publicise research findings and through debate raise awareness of oral public health knowledge and dental research with the public and local community.

The purpose of the COHESION Pilot was primarily to disseminate Prof Jen Kirkhams world-leading research on the genetics of Amelogenesis Imperfecta (AI) a group of inherited disorders resultingin abnormal tooth enamel formation. In addition it showcases qualitative research (Dr Mighell & Prof Pavitt) that explored the social and psychological impact of living with AI.

The potential translational research (self-assembling peptides and filling without drilling) being pioneered at School of Dentistry offer treatment hope for patients with this painful and disabling condition.

Watch the short overview trailer and interviews with the collaborators.

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