Theatre of Debate
Theatre of Debate

Theatre of Debate

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Make the complex meaningful, make the challenge engaging……..

Advances in science and research have the potential to change the world for the better. But they can raise social and ethical questions for us all.

We work with leading scientists and experts together with artistic teams to produce creative work that entertains and provokes thought about scientific research.

Our work reaches out to young people and adults making the complex meaningful and the challenging engaging.

What We Offer

Public engagement for research
  • Design, production and delivery of creative projects including theatre, film and digital media for specific issues
  • Facilitated workshops with scientists, researchers and creatives to explore creative and impactful ways to engage the public
  • Expert advice on public engagement programmes

Curriculum enrichment for schools
  • Live theatre or films
  • Support and resource materials for schools
  • Facilitation of debate and discussion
  • Widening participation
Public engagement for community organisations and schools
  • Talks and seminars
  • Plays, films and digital media
  • Resources to support organisations to develop and support debates
  • Professional facilitation / training facilitators...
  • Widening participtation
Trailer for 'People are Messy', a Theatre of Debate production exploring the importance of patient involvement in medical research, developed in partnership with the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre and supported by the Wellcome Trust. Subtitles by Stagetext.

Issues we have addressed

  • Patient and public involvement
  • Sugar, obesity and type 2 diabetes
  • Genetic disease and screening
  • Electronic patient information
  • Clinical trials
  • Novel neurotechnologies
  • Stem cells in research and therapy
  • The use of animals in medical research
  • Neuroethics
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