'People like Us' now touring

'People Like Us' by Judith Johnson is the latest production for schools from acclaimed company Theatre of Debate®. This fast moving and contemporary drama with humour has been specially commissioned by and developed in collaboration with Action for Carers Surrey and a number of partners.

At least 1 in 12 students are looking after someone affected by illness or disability. Ofsted have highlighted young carers as a vulnerable group at higher risk of stress related health problems, lower attendance and attainment, and disengagement from education.

'People Like Us' has been created to raise awareness about the lives of young carers and support the achievement of attainment targets for Key Stage 3 and 4 across Citizenship, English and Drama, whilst promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development

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the Characters

Interview with Isobel Clarke who plays Gemma

Interview with Louis Krommenhoek

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Who is it for?

The project targets pupils aged 14+ and can be performed to a whole year group at a time.

How does it work ?

Each participating school will be offered two performances. The play lasts 60 minutes and is followed by a facilitated debate lasting 30-40 minutes, featuring the actors “in character” who return to the stage to discuss the topic from their character’s perspective. Electronic voting technology will allow the audience to share what they think and feel about the issues covered in the play, anonymously. It is accompanied by a teacher preparatory pack to assist in priming pupils on content and on follow-up.

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Photographs by Robert Workman

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