8 Questions for Louis Krommenhoek

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1. Who do you play in People Like Us


2. What was the first day of rehearsal like

It was good I had met some of the team previously at a read through, but it was really exciting to meet all the different people that are going to make the play work in the same place. We did a couple of read throughs and then did some exercises which helped us get a better understanding of what we were trying to acheieve.

3. What was the second day of rehearsal like

Second day was when we started working on the Tyler/Gemma classoroom scenes . It was good to get started , exploring how Tyler builds his friend ship with Gemma.

4. What is the most important thing you have discovered about your character so far

That he feels let down by the state. I feel this explains his anti establishment attitudes a lot. His look, his actions – all come from his frustration.

5. What have you found out about young carers that you didn’t know before

How incredibly positive they remain, despite the struggles they sometimes encounter.

6. What was the most challenging thing this week

Learning lines

7. What have you enjoyed most about rehearsals so far

I enjoyed seeing what everyone else thought of their characters. It was good to explore how my character interacts with the other characters in the play.

8. How do you learn your lines

Look, cover, check. Bit boring. I also find actually doing the scenes help because you develop muscle memory

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