8 Questions for Isobel Clarke

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1. Who do you play in People Like Us


2. What was the first day of rehearsal like

Very exciting. It was lovely to meet the whole team and the read through to kick off served as a great ice breaker. We did a few getting to know you exercises which were useful in sparking debates around young carers, clearly very helpful for the production

3. What was the second day of rehearsal like

We jumped straight into scenes. It was really nice to get the play ‘up on its feet’. It was a little awkward at first as we were getting used to the blocks and negotiating sight lines but we’re working on it

4. What is the most important thing you have discovered about your character so far

She is more ‘no nonsense’ than I first thought

5. What have you found out about young carers that you didn’t know before

That there are 2 carers per class in every secondary school class

6. What was the most challenging thing this week

Engaging with the intensity of the subject matter

7. What have you enjoyed most about rehearsals so far

The company I have really enjoyed working with everyone !!! we have had lots of laughter as well as work

8. How do you learn your lines

My lines are quite conversational and so the easiest way for me to learn then was just to keep running the scenes.

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