People like Us by Judith Johnson - Characters

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Isobel Clarke

Louis Krommenhoek

Hannah Emanuel

Cian Binchey

Age 16. Gemma is bright, compassionate, smart. She is in the last stages of studying for her GCSEs and lives with her Mum, Zoe, who has recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Gemma is expected to score highly in her GCSEs. Her friendship group consists mainly of other high achieving teenagers and she is popular in this group, particularly because she is sharp and witty.

Age 16. Tyler is positive, charming and cheeky, but with a sarcastic wit. Tyler goes to the same school as Gemma but he is not part of her social group. In fact, he is not really part of any social group, he tends to float from one to the other. He is generally liked, but many of the other kids are wary of his sharp tongue and alternative image. Tyler tends to flout rules whenever he can, customises his school uniform, dyes his hair and has some tattoos and/or piercings (for casting reasons, these are probably hidden!) Tyler is a Carer for four members of his family. His Dad, Mum, and two brothers

Age 18. Tyler’s brother. Zeb has Asperger’s syndrome. He attends the local sixth form college and is studying Music Technology. He loves electronic dance music (eg Caribou) and spends a lot of time composing and making his own. Zeb and Tyler have a special connection; Tyler is very good at calming Zeb down when he has the panic attacks which he sometimes experiences.

Early forties, Gemma’s Mum. Zoe is creative, quirky, sociable. Now officially diagnosed with MS, Zoe has been experiencing symptoms for some time. Zoe was a secondary school Art teacher before giving up due to her condition; she still practices her own Art (painting). She is a single mother and now has trouble making ends meet.

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