'Hungry' by Sarah Daniels - Synopsis

In this Clip from Hungry - Ashley (Sam Hudson) rejects Xavier (Michael Andres-Tejada Da ).

Hungry is a contemporary drama with humour about two very different women and two very different families, whose lives become inextricably intertwined when Suzanne (played by Heather Bleasdale) an ambitious young lawyer employs Ruby (played by Gemma Churchill) , a grandmother as her cleaner.

Suzanne, is in the process of making a fortune representing a global fizzy drinks company, added to which Tobias (played by Antony Barclay), her husband is away in India working on a genetically modified rice project. As a result she finds herself almost too busy to look after her spoilt overweight teenage son Xavier played by Michael Andres-Tejada Da) much as she loves him.

Ruby on the other hand has had low-paid, unskilled manual jobs all her life added to which her husband died early of a heart attack, but what she might lack in intellectual ability she makes up for in humour and emotional intelligence. Ruby is grateful for the job, as she is desperate to find ways of supporting her daughter and grandson Ashley (played by Sam Hudson).

As a result of a mental health condition her daughter is unemployed and about to lose her benefits. Money is so tight, Ruby's daughter has had to resort to using a food bank in order to try and feed Ashley and herself. With some money coming in and the left over food that she smuggles home from Suzanne's lavish dinner parties, Ruby finds she can take the pressure off her family

Everything changes when one morning Ruby discovers Xavier hiding in a kitchen cupboard. He’s playing truant from school to avoid games. (He’s teased and bullied because he is so overweight.) At first Ruby says that he has to go back to school and when he refuses she says she’ll have to tell his mother. Xavier turns on Ruby threatening to blackmail her - while,hiding in the kitchen cupboard, he's secretly filmed her 'stealing ' the left over food. If Ruby tells Suzanne that he has been playing truant, he will tell Suzanne that Ruby is a thief. Desperate to keep her job Ruby doesn't tell Susanne about Xavier. However matters come to a head when one day Suzanne asks Ruby to accompany Xavier to the doctor's, because she is in court. The doctor explains to Xavier that he is obese and there is a strong possibility if he doesn't change his behaviour he will develop type two diabetes.

Xavier tells Ruby that she must not tell his mother the truth about what the doctor has told them and when Ruby says she will have to tell Suzanne, Xavier once again threatens to tell his mother that Ruby is a thief and cannot be trusted.

Ruby goes to tell Suzanne .............

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