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'People Like Us' - now on tour

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Our latest production tours secondary schools in Surrey from Monday 23rd January until Friday February 10th. ‘People Like Us’ is a new play about young carers by award winning playwright Judith Johnson whose previous Theatre of Debate plays include ‘People are Messy’ ‘Starfish’, ‘Nobody lives For Ever’ and ‘Every Breath’ .

'People Like Us' has been created to raise awareness about the lives of young carers and support the achievement of attainment targets for Key Stage 3 and 4 across Citizenship, English and Drama, whilst promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development.

'People Like Us' has been specially commissioned by and developed in collaboration with Action for Carers Surrey and a number of partners


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Theatre of Debate productions now available on film

Vik (Louis Chandler Joseph) meets Jake (Ross McCormick) for the first time.

Above is a scene from the film of a performance of 'People are Messy'. We are pleased to announce that live performances of four of our productions are now available on film.

Each film is supported by Teacher resources that are designed to stimulate debate.

You and your students will be able to view a film of one of our productions and engage in the debate that the production aims to stimulate, even when you are not able to book a live performance.

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The Crunch Plays - now available for schools to produce

Movement Director Robin Guiver shares his ideas for how you can use movement for The Beloved Burger by Rhiannon Tise

In 2016,Theatre of Debate was commissioned by the Wellcome Trust's The Crunch project to create 10 short plays to be performed by young people and children, five for primary schools and five for secondary schools and FE colleges.

The future of food is one of the biggest challenges on our plate. Our relationship with food is changing, affecting our health and the world around us in new and uncertain ways. The Wellcome Trust launched The Crunch project to encourage the nation to explore these changes and inspire us all to create a recipe for a happier,healthier future.

The plays and resources are available for all schools, free of charge.

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The Cohesion Project wins major public engagement award Autumn 2016

Students from Batley Girls school talk about 'Don't Smile'

The National Co ordinating Centre for Public Engagement has awarded the COHESION project (a partnership between Theatre of Debate, Leeds University and Batley Girls School) the Engage Competition 2016 - Celebrating Excellence award for Engaging with Young People.

The Cohesion Project has already won the Public Engagement in Research Award 2016 Research Conception Stage University of Leeds

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